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Please do not hesitate to Contact Me if you have any questions about purchasing oboe reeds.

I believe in creating reeds with function as a first priority: the reed must vibrate while maintaining stability, respond to light articulation, play in tune, and retain its opening. Each reed is handmade start-to-finish, constructed and adjusted over multiple days and personally play-tested to ensure not only the function but also the tone quality so that making a beautiful sound comes easily. My pro reeds have a big resonant sound. Econ reeds feature a slightly smaller opening, ideal for students. 


Reeds range in price depending on quantity and materials (all reeds are made with the same care and precision!). The advertised price includes a charge to cover PayPal fees, shipping materials, and first-class postage. After you place an order, I will send an invoice for your recorders. Sorry, I do not ship reeds internationally.

  • pro reeds: brass staple with natural cork (Rigotti)

  • econ reeds: brass staple with synthetic cork

  • English horn reed: silver staple with collar



Summer 2022 Update:

Please allow up to 1 month for your reeds to ship.

Standard 3-week delivery time and the option for Expedited Reeds will resume in September. 

SoCal Reed Specials:

SoCal Custom Reeds:

4 reeds: $100-$110

Southern California residents may travel to my home (near USC) for a complimentary 30-minute adjustment session of 4 reeds sold at a reduced price of $25/reed. Reeds may be requested on synthetic or natural cork staples.


LA Student Special:


Students who have regularly scheduled lessons with me can purchase reeds at a reduced price.