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I believe in creating reeds with function as a first priority: the reed must vibrate while maintaining stability, respond to light articulation, play in tune, and retain its opening. Each reed is handmade start-to-finish, constructed and adjusted over multiple days and personally play-tested to ensure not only the function but also the tone quality so that making a beautiful sound comes easily. 

While I do not offer refunds or exchanges on any reed purchases, I welcome requests for specifications that I will do my best to accommodate, such as reed hardness, tip opening, and pitch tendency.


I try to fulfill orders as soon as possible, and often ship earlier than the estimated delivery window. I appreciate your patience and flexibility with every order. For urgent reed needs, purchase Expedited Shipping and reeds will be en route within 1 week. 

A passion project from 2016, and completed with permission from Alex Klein, the Yano Oboe Concerto piano reduction is the first and only print edition of the piece. Supply is limited.


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